Global Change: Assessment and Adaptation to Mediterranean Region Water Scarcity

The meeting was organized by and took place at CNRSL in Beiruth, Lebanon on January, 14th 2019. The attending members were composed of research scientists from CNRSL and CESBIO and stakeholders and managers from Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Energy and Water, Ministry of Environnement, the Litani Authority, the Green Plan and from the FAO. A strong interest for the tools (cf. Sat-Irr and MEDI) developed within Chaams has been expressed. These annual meetings organized on each study site aims that research activities carried out within the frame of Chaams fit the stakeholders and managers expectations.

Ahmad Al-Bitar, Marie Aoun, Elie Choueiri, Talal Darwish, Ali Fadel, Patty Farah, Laurent Drapeau, Samar Hijari, Lionel Jarlan, Maya Mhaona, Mario Mhawy, Mohamad Younes, Mehrez Zribi