The Chaams consortium consists of 7 partners from France (CESBIO, G-EAU and LISAH), Lebanon (CNRSL), Morocco (UCAM) and Tunisia (UCAR and UTM). These partners were carefully selected based on the specific expertise that they bring into the project. In the division of resources, an attempt has been made to guarantee a balanced input of each partner in the project. Only those partners who lead the project (CESBIO and UTM) have received slightly more resources due to the extra work load for coordination and management. There are four major fields of expertise necessary for the successful execution of the project. All fields are well covered by at minimum three partners:

• Socio-economics (3 partners: G-EAU, UTM and CNRSL)

• Earth Observation and agricultural monitoring (4 partners: CESBIO, CNRSL, UCAR and UCAM)

• Hydro-dynamic modelling (4 partners: LISAH, UTM, UCAM and UCAR)

• Crop hydrological functioning (5 partners: CESBIO, LISAH, UCAR, UCAM