WP1 “Coordination-animation-dissemination” (L. Jarlan, H. Chakroun, M. Zribi)


WP1 aims to coordinate the project (governance, steering committees, user committee, etc.).

Proposed tasks:

  • Set up of the consortium agreement, and signature process.
  • Organization of the stakeholder board in every pilot sites.
  • Organisation of the three general assemblies and the stakeholders meeting.
  • Follow-up of the WPs progress, their links and coordinated interactions.
  • Definition of standards for the data flows between WPs.
  • Design and implementation of the dissemination strategy to maximize project impact
  • Production of dissemination products (website, flyers, guidelines, etc.) targeted towards the different audiences (Euro-Mediterranean stakeholders, water managers, general public, etc).
  • Reporting for funding agencies.


D1.1 Progress reports

D1.2 Minutes of meetings and scientific proceedings

D1.3 Monitoring reports and tools, and prospective studies though white papers

D1.4 Final report