The team

A multidisciplinary team contributes to the development and validation of the SAFYE-CO2 model and AgriCarbon-EO processing chain. Our team covers a wide range of expertise, essential for the devellopment of complex tools. Our expertise include agronomy, hydrology, remote sensing, numerical methods, scientific computing, and field observation systems. We cherish this diversity as it is the […]


Net Ecosystem Exchange of covercrops using AgriCarbon-EO [IGARSS’2022]

In July 2022, the AgirCarbon-EO approach for estimation of carbon budget of covercrops was presented by Ahmad Al Bitar at the IGARSS’2022, the flagship conference of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS).


Combining high-resolution remote sensing products with a crop model to estimate carbon and water budget components: application to sunflower.

Gaétan Pique, Rémy Fieuzal, Philippe Debaeke, Ahmad Al Bitar, Tiphaine Tallec, Eric Ceschia (2020) Remote Sensing. DOI: Abstract To meet the incoming growth of the world’s food needs, and the demands of climate change, the agricultural sector will be forced to adapt its practices. To do so, the contribution of agricultural fields to greenhouse gas […]


Estimation of daily CO2 fluxes and of the components of the carbon budget for winter wheat by the assimilation of Sentinel 2-like remote sensing data into a crop model. 

Gaétan Pique, Rémy Fieuzal, Ahmad Al Bitar, Amanda Veloso, Tiphaine Tallec, Aurore Brut, Morgan Ferlicoq, Bartosz Zawilski, Jean-François Dejoux, Hervé Gibrin, Eric Ceschia (2020) Geoderma, 376, 114428. DOI : Highlights We developed a model estimating the components of the carbon budget for croplands. The model assimilates remote sensing products for up-scaling the carbon budget. Biomass, […]


The new project “Operationalising International Research Cooperation on Soil Carbon” Beginning soon (2022) as an extension of the CIRCaSa project


Naturellement PopCorn

This project has a total budget of €7.5 million, €4.4 million is funded by the Avenir Investment Programme (PIA), managed by the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI) and operated by Bpifrance. It will develop a single measurement tool for calculating carbon storage in soils by farmers growing cover crops. The aim is to remunerate producers […]


Living Planet Symposium 2022

The European Space Agency’s 2022 Living Planet Symposium occurred on 23-27 May 2022 at Bonn, Germany. The advances of the team’s work were presented through an oral presentation by Taeken Wijmer and a poster by Ludovic Arnaud & Ainhoa Ihasusta. This symposium focused on how Earth observation (from satellites) contributes to science and society, and […]