Naturellement PopCorn

This project has a total budget of €7.5 million, €4.4 million is funded by the Avenir Investment Programme (PIA), managed by the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI) and operated by Bpifrance. It will develop a single measurement tool for calculating carbon storage in soils by farmers growing cover crops. The aim is to remunerate producers […]


Climate Neutral Farms H2020 ClieNFarms, a 12 million euro Innovation Action project, funded by the European Commission, in support of the European Green Deal, aims to co-develop and upscale systemic locally relevant solutions to reach climate-neutral and climate-resilient sustainable farms across Europe. This pioneering project is coordinated by the Joint Research Unit for AGroecology, Innovations […]

SCO – Quantica

Space Climate Observatory – Quantification of Additional Carbon Stored in Soils The Quantica project (Quantification of Additional Carbon Stored in Soils, 2021-2023) financed by the CNES, aims : to quantify the biomass of cover crops between two cash crops, in order to quantify its effect on soil organic carbon storage, to co-construct a tool that […]


Carbon Farming : Experimenting Soil Carbon Sequestration Deployment in Farming Systems From September 2019 to December 2021 Context In their recent report, the IPCC has reiterated the need for urgent action, in order to ensure our future under climate change. The report states that to remain within the 1,5°C target, urgent action at unprecedented scale […]


Operationalising International Reseach Cooperation on Soil carbon Beginning soon (2022) as an extension of the CIRCaSa project Context To reach the targets of the Paris Agreement commitments for land degradation neutrality, for biodiversity, and to support the EU Green Deal, Europe needs to join its research and innovation forces on soil carbon with those around […]