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The team

A multidisciplinary team contributes to the development and validation of the SAFYE-CO2 model and AgriCarbon-EO processing chain. Our team covers a wide range of expertise, essential for the devellopment of complex tools. Our expertise include agronomy, hydrology, remote sensing, numerical methods, scientific computing, and field observation systems. We cherish this diversity as it is the […]


Net Ecosystem Exchange of covercrops using AgriCarbon-EO [IGARSS’2022]

In July 2022, the AgirCarbon-EO approach for estimation of carbon budget of covercrops was presented by Ahmad Al Bitar at the IGARSS’2022, the flagship conference of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS).



The new project “Operationalising International Research Cooperation on Soil Carbon” Beginning soon (2022) as an extension of the CIRCaSa project


The SAFYE-CO2 for ‘Simple Algorithm For Yield estimates’ is an agro-meteorological model that allows spatialized estimation of biomass production, yield, evapotranspiration and other components of the carbon balance of field crops. It can be applied at high resolution (e.g. 10 m which is the resolution of Sentinel satellite data) or at plot scale. Operating at daily time step, it […]


AgriCarbon-EO is a pre-operational processing chain developed at CESBIO since January 2020. AgriCarbon-EO allows to simulate biomass, yields, CO2 fluxes and C-budgets of crops as well as their uncertainties at 10 m resolution on whole Sentinel 2 tiles. The processes performed by the chain include the preparation of crop & soil maps, climate and remote […]


Visit this page to learn about the projects we contribute by using the SAFYE-CO2 model or the ACEO platform.