The Team

A multidisciplinary team contributes to the development and validation of the SAFYE-CO2 model and AgriCarbon-EO processing chain. Our team covers a wide range of expertise, essential for the devellopment of complex tools. Our expertise include agronomy, hydrology, remote sensing, numerical methods, scientific computing, and field observation systems. We cherish this diversity as it is the backbone for success.

Dr.Eric Ceschia
Scientific lead
Research Director at CESBIO/INRAe. His research interest are centered arround climate change mitigation in agricutlture (GHG, carbon budget, covercrops, impact of albedo and energy budget).
Dr. Ahmad Al Bitar
Project manager
RI at CESBIO/CNRS. He organises the dev. of AgriCarbon-EO & SAFYE-CO2. He is expert in the assimilation of RS data in crop and hydrological models for agronomical applications.
Dr. Ludovic Arnaud
Expert in Sci. Computation
RI at CESBIO/INRAe. Expert in remote sensing and numerical methods applied for agronomy. He leads the Tier1 Carbon budget approaches for carbon farming, and contributes to the AgriCarbon-EO dev.
Dr. Rémy Fieuzal
Scientific Expert
Researcher at CESBIO/U. Paul-Sabatier. He is expert in agronomical modeling, RS in optical and radar and field observations. His research interest concerns covercrops and GHG reduction in agriculture.
Taeken Wijmer
PhD Candidat
Expert in agro-ecology & remote sensing. He has been actively develloping AgriCarbon-EO. His research interest is crop CO2 flux mapping at inter-field scale through  bayesian assimilation.
Dr. Morgan Ferlicoq 
Obs. Sys. & Communication
Expert in advanced field observation systems in agriculture for GHG and impact of albedo in agriculture. She contributes to the validation. She is also in charge of the communication in the team.
Ainhoa Ihasusta
As a traineed, Enginneer and soon PHD candidat, she has been investigating the use of Sentinel-2 based Empirical indicators of cropland Net Annual CO2 fluxes, and will be appling the SAFYE-CO2 and AgriCarbon-EO approach during her thesis.
Dr. Jean-François Dejoux
Agronomical Expert
RI at CESBIO/CNRS. He is expert in agricultural systems and field observation. His research interest is crop CO2 flux mapping at inter-field scale through bayesian assimilation.
Cheikh Diop
Dev. Engineer
Software Engineer. MS in numerical computation. He is has been implementing new funcitonalities to the SAFYE-CO2 model in python programming language. 

Previous contributors

The development of the AgriCarbon-EO and SAFYE-CO2 current tools has span from earlier research activities that paved the way, like the works of  Dr. Amanda Veloso and Dr. Gaétan Pique who published with the team the first reports and papers SAFYE-CO2. More earlier studies on the SAFYE model from Benoit Duchemin, Martin Claverie, and Marjorie Battude, though they used a different approach and didn't include carbon budget, have also paved the way for the current advancements.  

A strong link with the field observatory

The developement of the SAFYE-CO2 and AgriCarbon-EO tools requires an intensive ammount of data for the calibration and validation (cal/val). So, without a dedicated team for the regional observatory (OSR: Observatoire Spatiale Regional) and the EIS (Environmental Information System) at CESBIO supported by the INSU and the University Toulouse III. Without this dynamic, the calibration and validation of the tools would have not been possible. 
We thank thus the colleagues from the OSR (Tiphaine Tallec, Franck Granouillac, Aurore Brut, Phillippe Baillion, Hervé Gibrin , Bartosz Zawilski...) for their continuous contribution to the validation and calibration datasets. Similarly, we extend these thanks to all the colleagues and partners that contributed sharing valuable data with the team and the administrative staff for making our lives easier.